Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga Some items on my Bikram Yoga wish list! Hot shorts, colorful top, a sweater to cover up with before & after class, yoga bag & mat and Yoga Fuel!
Bikram Yoga by Monica

I look forward to it, once I'm there I wonder why I wanted to go in the first place, and after I am elated I survived.  It's a 90 minute open-eye meditation.  Somehow,  one must lose himself and let go, succumb to the heat and humidity and find that happy mindset of live in the moment while letting go of everything else.    It is the definition of mental toughness.  Admittedly, the class I go to is generally full of women (even though it is for everyone).   There is a vast array of shapes, sizes, abilities and ages.  The practice is about focusing on yourself and each session presents a different personal challenge.  
Some things I have noticed with myself:
~My body immediately responds after practicing 
~My metabolism seems to accelerate because I notice I get extremely hungry 
~I crave healthy, clean foods
~My "skinny jeans" fit
~I feel more emotionally balanced and better equipped to handle life
~Body tone improvement
~I am drinking lots of water and cleansing my system
I encourage everyone and anyone to try Bikram Yoga.  Go in with a positive attitude and you will  get positive results!

Sweater - Anthropologie $69.95
Shorts - Chaturanga Yoga Short $34.00
Tattoo Cami Tunic - Athleta $85.00
Tote- Athleta $89.00
Yoga Fuel

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