Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hey Brother....


I had a funny conversation with my brother last night.  It was his "Friday" night so he was a few G&T's into the night laying on the couch calling people to catch up.  He shared a few gems of information .....wearing the bomber hat I got him for Christmas to work with shorts on....this is his new favorite outfit to shovel elephant *you know what* in at 7am, his roommate left the dogs in the house all day so they chewed up the couch, how I have to watch Piranha (anyone seen it?) because a lot of privates get bitten off, that my boyfriend knows his colors and the shirt he got him for Christmas has been worn all the time, then we had a good laugh about a certain person accidentally texting a photo of herself in her bra (presumably intended for her husband) instead of a photo of her daughter to half the people in her phone book....really it could happen to anyone...right?  Well, we've all had those OMG moments that make us want to disappear...but this one made my day and I had the best laugh I've had in a long thank you unnamed person! 
Dressing up my brother....we know how to have a good time.

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