Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Heart Local

Last week I went on a personal adventure.  To give you a little background/time line, I have been putting flowers together and planning parties for a long long time (I think I threw my first big pool party in 8th grade as a joint birthday party with Jeff Thompson)!  More recently, I started making the decor, planning and florals an actual business!  Last week I decided to put myself out there and see what kind of response I get from people who are not close personal friends and family.  I designed several floral arrangements and went to local businesses to see if I could display my flowers and some cards in each one.  To say the least, I had a few butterflies in my stomach.  I have never been one to self-promote, but I have to in order make people aware of what I am capable of doing.  The butterflies subsided with each welcoming, encouraging and supportive response.  I ended up with flower arrangements at  Arden Hot Yoga, Matteo's, Luna Lounge, Bella Bru, Bella Bru Express (now in Pavillions), Madam Butterfly, and Roxy!  I even received a picture text Friday night from a girlfriend who spotted one of my arrangements.  Did you see one?

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