Sunday, January 30, 2011

United States of Tara Fashion

Recently, I was turned onto a new Showtime Original Series, United States of Tara. The show revolves around Tara's (Toni Collette) multiple personality disorder, her "alters", discovering why she has this disorder, and trying to keep her family together through all of it.  When the alters take over there's no telling what's going to happen next!  Each alter has a unique personality and style so I was inspired to do fashion boards for a few on how to get their look! If you get the opportunity, you should really watch the show!

 Buck like to ride on his Harley, drink beer and charm the ladies!

Truly Madly Deeply Sheer V-Neck Tee
$9.99 -
V neck tees »
BDG Canvas Boot
$68 -
Low heels »
Undefeated Play Dirty Trucker Hat
$28 -
Trucker hats »
Dads Reader
$14 -
Glass shades »

Alice is the June Cleaver of alters, always proper, cooking in the kitchen with her apron on, cleaning and talking in the sweetest of voices!

T is the wild teenager of the bunch, getting into trouble and pushing the limits. She loved the video arcade and those young teenage boys that are there too!  One time, she referred to her "whale tail" which is apparently when your thong shows above your jeans....I'm so glad I have a name for that now!

Shoshana is one of Tara's newest alters.  She is a therapist from New York and counsels Tara's husband, Max (John Corbett- we all  loved him as Aiden on SATC), on a regular basis!

Lucky Brand 'Eva' Dress
$129 -
Tassel dress »
Seychelles Filigree Heel
$98 -
High heel shoes »
Christian Dior 3200 Eyeglasses
$260 -

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