Thursday, February 10, 2011

Adele "21"

Adele's new album "21" is slated to release February 22, 2011.  The first single "Rolling in the Deep" is already out.  Maybe you've heard it?  If you haven't, or just want to listen to it over and over again (like me) you can watch the video below!   "Rolling in the Deep" has the old Adele sound that won over so many with a little bit of the South thrown in the mix.  The single is somewhat of a revenge love song with the powerful lyrics, "We could have had it all, Rolling in the Deep, You had my heart inside you hands, and you played it to the beat."  The music video carries this message throughout with the beat of the music visible in the water glasses, the breaking dishes, dancing and more. She told PEOPLE "I was so angry that I finished "Rolling in the Deep" in about an hour." Only a few more days until the rest of the album is out!

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