Monday, April 11, 2011

Flower Trends: Pretty In Pink

 I recently had the pleasure of going to a Teleflora Show at Flora Fresh and I wanted to share with you some of the things I got to see and learn about!  The featured designer was Cindy Tole and she put on a beautiful program.  Cindy made a point of going over some of the new trends in weddings and events and, as you can see, this design features a lot of pink! 
 She also used many different hard-goods from local wholesalers so us local florists can get our hands on them!  One of the design elements I liked was the wooden containers.  I think they are perfect for conveying a tropical or more natural feel.  The pink vases in the photo above were referred to as the "eyeball vases" due to their unique shape.  Cindy made a point of adding little extra special elements to each of her designs.  She used decorative wire, decorative wire with beading that tied together design elements and made her arrangements stand out from the rest.
 The photo below is a composite lily bouquet that Cindy demonstrated how to assemble.  These are becoming increasingly popular for brides and smaller versions are also great bouquets for the mother of the bride or even flower girls!
 Keeping the bouquets simple and clean was emphasized as you can see in the photo below.  A simple collar of leaves frames in a beautiful bunch of pink roses.
 The same idea is used in the photo below with sweet peas instead of roses!
 The bouquet below features anemones and peonies.  It would be the perfect bridal bouquet and the two bouquets pictured above compliment it perfectly.
 Here are the bouquets pictured together!

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