Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Bridal Shower - Yellow & Gray

After reading so many blogs that showcase beautiful events and the hottest decor trends I was overflowing with ideas when it came to throwing my best friend's bridal shower!  The prep work began months ago when I came across this invitation design by Wedding Paper Divas.  I just loved the sophisticated gray, yellow and white theme so I went with it!

I ordered yellow and gray tissue paper pom pons from FiestaPomPon on Etsy. I have hand-made the tissue pom pons in the past and decided to simplify my life by ordering them instead! They were perfect!
My best friend has a special connection with elephants ....long story short, her family used to have one!  So, when I came across this fabric I knew I wanted to incorporate it!   I found all of the patters at thebline's fabric designs on . If you haven't checked out Spoonflower yet, it is a lot like Etsy but for fabric patterns only.  Each vendor has their own little storefront and anyone can join the site.  With the help of a good friend and her sister, we crafted napkins and table runners for the shower out of the fabric.
Pachy Smooch Fabric
Rainbow Rain Fabric
Lemon Squares Fabric
Another idea that I really wanted to incorporate was a brooch bouquet.  I thought, "why not ask the guests to fix a brooch to their gift in lieu of a ribbon so that the bride can have a lovely rehearsal bouquet and keepsake." Here's how everything turned out!

Champagne was served with lemon rinds and raspberries. We also had lemonade!

I picked yellow, white and grayish flowers that were more free flowing and wildflower looking.  I used mums, daisies, snapdragons, daffodils eucalyptus just to name a few!

I made the party favors out of cans that I spray painted yellow and planted succulents inside.  I love the idea of giving favors that can be eaten or used (in this case planted)!
I have lots of old glass bottles I bought at thrift and antique stores that I used as vases.  They add interest to the landscape since each one is unique!

I was lucky enough to have Chef Adam of Tuli Bistro in the kitchen!  He came up with a delicious menu!

Brocolli, Bacon and Machego Quiche Bites from Chef Adam

Seasonal fruit with yogurt filling and topped with granola from Chef Adam.  He also made stuffed mushrooms with herbed goat cheese and balsamic syrup drizzle and Pommes Anna Crisps.  Everything was absolutely wonderful!

Breakfast Meats!

All pastries and muffins were provided by my friend at The Sacramento Baking Company! They are amazing!


  1. this looks really great, I love the favor idea. I've been thinking of doing that for my wedding this November. So many personal touches really tie the event together well!

  2. This is something really stunning. Loved your grey and yellow color combination. Have to plan niece’s bridal shower at one of top venues. All flowers will be delivered by BloomThat Flower Delivery. I think everything will look awesome there.