Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Tropical Wedding Reception

 Diana & Carl were married in Hawaii back in December but still wanted to celebrate their new beginning together with friends and family!  I was hired to add the appropriate tropical ambiance to the venue and the only specific request I had was that I use bobble heads (Carl is a collector) in the decor. 
 It was tons of fun for me to decorate for this event because I had free reign to do what I thought would look best (as long as I staying within budget)! I put together five centerpieces with the dashboard hula dolls, five centerpieces without, 24 small vases with a cymbidium blossom, a massive arrangement for the bar, three cylinder vases filled with tropicals in water with a floating candle on top.  I also added bright fabrics, greenery, candles and votives with green floralytes.  Those simple extra touches add a lot to catch the eye.

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