Thursday, June 16, 2011

Been Busy!

So many things have happened in the last 6 months of my life (both good and not so good)!  Lately, I keep hearing Dory from Finding Nemo saying, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."!  I have also had certain songs stuck on repeat in my head and on my iPod like "Little Miss" by Sugarland and "Life Goes On" by The Beatles.  Being a part of Becky and Adam's wedding weekend felt like a turning point past the deaths, big changes, hardships.  It has been nice this week to catch up with friends that I've had to sideline while I take care of events, family matters and work.  I am a lucky girl to have so many supportive friends!  Of course, there will always be ups and down but it's all how I handle them.  Who knows, maybe I've reached cruising altitude for a bit as I gear up for summer, more weddings, my work to become even busier and a life In Full Bloom!

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