Friday, July 1, 2011

Don't Trash It!

 When bad things happen I hate that saying, "Everything happens for a reason." But, when good things occur by chance I think the saying is much more appropriate! In this case, my parents ordered a couple of designer tables from an unnamed website.  The items arrived in sad shape.  They were both bent, broken and beat up!  This particular table made of round mirrored circles was bent in on the sides with many of the mirrors cracked and broken.  Thankfully, the website refunded the money but they didn't want the tables returned.  So I thought, "Why not try to fix the table?"  It's certainly a better option than taking it to the junkyard and being wasteful!   
Here are some of the cracked and broken mirrors around the side of the table.
 With a little TLC and creativity I was able to repair the table to like new condition! I stood the table up on its side and gently stepped on the circles to bend it back to its original shape.  Then I took a gorilla tape, covered the broken mirrors with the tape and used a flat-head screwdriver to scrape out the broken mirrors. 
In the process of bending the table and scraping out the broken mirrors.
I ordered 2" round mirrors from a hobby store online (thank you internet) that cost $7.00 and glued the mirrors right into the empty circles!  Now, have a beautiful new piece of furniture!

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