Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Napa Valley Wedding - Green, White & Black

Beth Baugher of True Love Photo was gracious enough to share her amazing professional photos with me so I can show you!  You can find the True Love Photo Blog HERE!   Thank you Beth!

The big day arrived at last for Adam and Becky!  The event took place at the Bride's family's home in the hills of the ever-stunning Napa Valley.  A proposal in Italy was inspiration for the wedding with a family style meal consisting of pizza, pomnes frites with green aoli, fried risotto balls, pasta, chicken, steak, bread and salad served up for dinner by KINYON! Culinary Services.  Needless to say, no one went hungry! 
In Full Bloom by MJL put together all of the flowers and I used mostly hydrangeas and roses with some peonies in the bridal bouquet.  I wrapped the bridal bouquet in extra lace for the gown and pinned Becky's late grandfather's wings to it as well so he could be a part of her big day.

Mini bottles of olive oil adorned each place setting as a party favor to guests.  Black and apple green were the main colors chosen for the wedding.   The table centerpieces included white hydrangea, vendela roses, green tea roses, green trick dianthus and dried preserved orchids.  The bride cut and painted manzanita branches from her family's property to use in the centerpieces.  She was very resourceful and did a ton of DIY projects for the wedding!

Dinner might have been the coldest outdoor dinner I've ever eaten, but jackets and blankets were passed around to keep everyone comfortable.  During the reception fire pits were lit that guests huddled around to warm up and the dancing helped too!  I may have experienced temporary insanity taking on the Maid of  Honor duties and doing all of the flowers but looking back on it I wouldn't change a thing.

***All photos in this post are copyright by TRUE LOVE PHOTO! Visit True Love Photos website and blog!


  1. These are beautiful pictures! Looks like a wonderful wedding ... I think these are my favorite flowers you've done yet! She must be so happy. :)

  2. Happy doesn't cover it!!! Mon, you did more then I could ever dream up! Best day of my life.... with the most amazing people there to share it with! I for one have extreme gratitude for your talent and your temporary insanity!!!!

  3. FUN FACT: they are using your flowers in the next OUR WEDDING magazine !!!!