Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Carrying On A Tradition

While growing up I helped my grandmother host family gatherings by putting together flowers for her, or working in her garden to get it all cleaned up and planted for that particular season.  Mimi would talk about her mother, Lottie Snow, and how she started her own flower business.  She apparently did quite well (and had an amazing green thumb) getting lots of business through her church friends!

I never had the chance to meet my Great Grandma Snow, but it has become a sort of eerie joke in my family that arranging flowers and working with plants is in my blood.

While going through the process of cleaning out my Grandparent's home, my Aunt Sue came across the business card of my Great Grandma.  How cool is the design?  I might have to use it for a future In Full Bloom by MJL logo and business card!

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