Monday, September 10, 2012

Floral Design School: Day 1

Some friends high hopes of seeing lots of blog posts from about the floral design class I'm taking, so, here I go starting off on the right foot and posting after my very first day of school!  The class itself is very small and intimate with only seven students widely ranging in backgrounds and reasons for enrolling in the course. As I got settled into class the instructor handed me a book, The Precious Present, by Spencer Johnson, which was my assigned reading for the evening.  It is a short story about being present in the present and living in that moment is the greatest present of all to oneself!  For me, it is always a good reminder to be present and find happiness, joy & beauty in each moment.  I think I could get used to this type of learning environment!

So today we learned about a slough of oasis floral products and more, some of which I've used many times and others that I've never heard of before!  We brought in a flower shipment, stripped the stems, cut the ends and got them in water.  We also did some basic rose arranging using a lacing technique, creating a grid with tape and also with chicken wire. 

"Practice doesn't make it perfect, practicing the technique perfectly makes it perfect." -Phil-ism of the day #1

"Water is the flower's best friend." - Phil-ism of the day #2

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