Thursday, September 20, 2012

Floral Design School: Days 7, 8 &9!

Yep, it happened! I fell off the blogging wagon. So, here's a little catch-up session from the past couple of days!  Tuesday was another entire day devoted to sympathy tributes.  We designed a casket piece as well as an additional generic arrangement then did groupwork with wreaths (heart, square and cross). 

Wednesday we spent discussing and designing party pieces. Of course, many of these arrangements are incredibly versatile in use.  For example, the casket spray could be used as a head table piece at a wedding, or a long-low centerpiece on a table.   

This morning we spent a long time discussing form, sales, and how to price before the class took a field trip to a local wholesaler where there was a lovely floral demonstration.

There has been an incredible amount of info to digest over the last couple of weeks.  The days have been long and it has been HOT in Southern California.  I think it has been consistently cooler in Sacramento versus Anaheim which is unusual.  Next week I start advanced class and am looking forward to learning even more.

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