Thursday, January 3, 2013

So, You're Engaged!

With more than one in four grooms proposing to their brides over the holiday season there are a lot of lucky couples out there wondering where to start in the wedding planning process! Designing a celebration of your love and commitment to one another can be overwhelming.  Some of the loveliest weddings I've worked on have included personal touches that reflect the bride and groom's personalities and their relationship with each other.  This might seem like a tall order to fill, but sit down and discuss the following items as a couple in order to relieve the stress of figuring some of the major and minor details of your wedding day.  It's a great way to get the ball rolling!

What time of year is your favorite? By narrowing down what time of year you will have your wedding you can start thinking about an indoor versus outdoor venue and which locations might be able to accommodate your needs.  Also, if you're working with a tight budget you could always have your wedding during the "off-season" since some venues offer discounts during those months (typically November through April).

Is there a flower that you must have at your wedding? This can help direct your color palette, as well as the time of year you want to get married.  Figure out when that flower is in season to be sure you get those beautiful blooms! (I know someone who might be able to help you with this detail! wink! wink!)

Where is your favorite place to vacation as a couple? If you are considering a destination wedding this might help guide you.  Otherwise, consider incorporating some elements of that location into your wedding decor or color palette.

Where did you meet? Where did you go/what did you do on your first date? At one recent wedding, the couple served sushi from the restaurant where they had their first date together. It's such a personal touch and helps all attendees get to know a little bit more about the couple!

What colors do you gravitate towards? Narrow down your color palette based on what colors you both like, the time of year you will be having your wedding and any special details you would like to incorporate.

What songs and poems move you the most? Create a list of options for music while you walk down the aisle and readings for the ceremony.

Do you have any family heirlooms you would like to carry, display or wear? Often times brides will wrap their bouquet in lace from a family member's wedding dress or pin a special piece of jewelry to their bouquet handle.  Sometimes men will wear cuff links from a near and dear relative as well!  Incorporating these items can also help bring remembrance to important people in your life who cannot be with you.

Do you enjoy a certain sport or are a fanatic of a specific team? Consider personalization in some of the details of your big day based on this idea!  One recent wedding I styled had baseball bats adorning the welcome table to signify the groom's lifetime passion for baseball! So much so that he is an announcer for a baseball team.  To the bride and groom, it seemed natural to incorporate some baseball elements without it overwhelming the decor of the entire event.

What's your favorite food? This can help direct your menu for the evening! You could even choose a signature drink that has significance to you and your partner.

What are your hobbies? Consider incorporating your favorite hobby or hobbies in to the reception details.  Homemade brew was on the menu at one wedding this fall.  Because it was one of his favorite hobbies, the groom brewed it himself!

Do you have nicknames for each other? This can also be incorporated in to the reception details.  A cake topper of a lobster and a monkey was selected for a recent wedding I was a part of based on the couple's nicknames for each other!

Good luck to all those newly engaged couples! Remember, your wedding day is about you both as a couple. Do what is important to you and try to not get too bogged down in other people's input.  It's 2013, and, while there is certain wedding etiquette to follow, most of the rules have been broken. I encourage all of the couples I work with to do what they want in making their day special!

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