Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Flower Crowns & More | Senior Portrait Workshop | Editorial Collective | Nicole Cook Photography

Photo by Roxanne Marks

Last summer my super-duper-uber-talented friend, Nicole Cook, teamed up with Amanda Holloway (another highly talented woman!) to put together an Editorial Collective Workshop, as an editorial and fashion style portfolio build  for fellow photographers. Nicole asked me to provide her with some floral accessories for the shoot (what girl doesn't like some flowers in her hair?) so here are some of my favorite photos taken during the workshop! 

Photo by Asia Croson
Photo by Julie Wooldridge
Designing these types of floral pieces is a fun creative outlet for me to do something a little different than bouquets and boutonnieres. I may have gone slightly overboard and given Nicole some extra items for this one! The piece above was a floral crown made mostly of roses and carnations with greenery.  
Photo by Karen Becker
 The feather headdress is one of my absolute favorites. I was lucky enough to have a friend give me feathers she had saved from her blue & gold macaw.  I glued them onto a leather belt and adorned the side with cotton and larger flowers.
Photo by Stephanie Newbold
 The piece below is another flower crown similar to the one above but with lots more small pink filler type flowers. I love the contrast of the model's dark hair with the blush and peach colors (and how the make-up artist brought that color into her cheeks as well).
Photo by Janese Hockman
Photo by Kiwi Ashby
 I created the headdress below from turkey feathers given to me by a friend who hunts.  She had saved the feathers and I think they look gorgeous on Sidney especially with intense dark eye make-up and brows.
Photo by Janice Freeland
Photo by Jennifer Buchanan
 The feathers in the hair piece above are more feathers from a friend.  I tied them with pieces of leather and incorporated some gorgeous roses and filler flowers.
Photo by Julie Wooldridge
 The "wing" above is a piece that a friend gave me.  They had previously used it to train their dog to retrieve birds while hunting. I thought the wing was quite peculiar when I first received it...but I love the idea of a wing on a shoulder.  I'm really happy with the way it turned out adorned with metal chains, a lotus pod, old brooches and flowers.
Photo by Wendy Mclaughlin
 This headband was created with more blue and gold macaw feathers and a single intense orange-red rose with the petals reflexed back (opening the rose).
Photo by Wendy Mclaughlin
Asia Croson
Janese Hockman
Janice Freeland
Jennifer Buchanan
Julie Wooldridge
Karen Becker
Kiwi Ashby
Roxanne Marks
Stephanie Newbold
Wendy Mclaughlin

Hair & Make Up: Polish & Pout

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