Monday, October 4, 2010

Engagement Party Flowers - Paragary's Sacramento

Just this past weekend I was given free reign to come up with some decorations for an engagement party.  The bride-to-be requested hydrangeas and white/neutral flowers.  I was instantly off running with my creative wheels turning.  I found some beautiful birch vases and included dahlias, hydrangeas, lillies, eucalyptus, artichoke, roses, and tulips in the arrangements.
My project table before I start arranging.

Centerpieces accented with burlap fabric

Buffet Table

I made a banner reading "JOE+LINDSAY" with hand-sewn felt flowers.

Simple but Elegant Hydrangeas and Curly Willow


  1. Wow, you certainly have an eye for designing! Center piece and buffet table are beautiful. The combination of hydrangeas and curly willow creates such a dynamic look! I want them in dry flowers and use them in my dining room. I say 'dry' since I want them to last for a long time. Fresh is better, I know..... Thanks for finding me on Twitter. Kaho

  2. Thank you thank you thank you! I think I found you through the BYW course? I hope you enjoyed it! I am still a work in progress, but moving forward! :)