Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Eve...Spooooky

 Saturday evening we hosted a Halloween Eve Party/Giants Party (works out great since their colors are black and orange).  I got resourceful by borrowing decorations and using things I already had from previous parties.  I had a bunch of red fabric and decor left from a 50th birthday party I put together last year.  It worked out great with black decor as a vampir-ish look!
 I think balloons, fabric and candles go a long way to make an area look decorated.  I also stretched spiderwebs across the room to give a spooky Halloween feel!

 Since the house is a little on the small size we decided to open up and decorate the garage as another room.  We hung orange and red lights from the rafters, added chairs, balloons, spider webs, music and a fog machine. 
The fog machine was the perfect accessory!

Also, we used the washer/dryer as a table and the wash basin as a drink tub!  It worked out perfectly by draping fabric and table cloths over the fixtures and created a nice flow of traffic into the extra space.

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