Sunday, February 6, 2011

Adam Carolla at Uptown

Friday night I went to Oentri Restaurant in Downtown Napa.  The atmosphere was rustic meets modern Italian.  I had a delicious gin cocktail concoction and the linguini with seared scallops for dinner.  I would definitely recommend the restaurant  but if you're feeling hungry, don't be shy ordering an app, salad and entree!

After dinner we headed over to see Adam Carolla at the Uptown Theater.  I absolutely loved his show when it aired in Sacramento and was terribly disappointed when it got pulled.  Friday night wasn't a normal stand-up routine, but instead, he used projector screens as props to show photos and talk about things that bother him around his house and Los Angeles, we got to see a movie special "premier" of a cartoon,  watch a video of Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel in LAX completely hammered dressed as pilots (pre 9/11).  His rants and raves crack me up! 

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