Friday, May 27, 2011

To Die Of A Broken Heart

"She was the love of my life," he repeated between heavy cries when she passed.  I've heard about elderly couples dying together within a short period of time, and, out of everyone I have ever met I am not surprised they fell into the same category.  My Grandfather, Papa, died of a broken heart just over a month after he lost his wife of nearly 63 years.  You see, he was a strong man.  So, once Mimi passed he used all of his will to be with her again.  I am happy they are both free from their worn out bodies and minds.  Those of us lucky enough to know them have many fond memories to hold close in our hearts.  Their love for each other is a rarity these days.  They lived for one another, the beautiful family they created and their wonderful circle of friends (the slideshow shows just that!).  It's hard to process the finality of death, especially the deaths of Mimi & Papa, but I am comforted that they are together once again.

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