Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hot in here!

The heat last week was pretty brutal.  I couldn't resist sharing what happened to my Peet's  coffee cup when it was left in my car while I was at work!  Totally melted!  Thankfully, it has cooled down and I am loving the mild weather!  This week is all about tennis...watching and playing! If you haven't had the chance to take in a Capital's match out at Sunrise Mall, this is the time to do so.  So far this season Martina Hingis and Serena Williams have been headlining players, but really any player of WTT is pretty remarkable!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that watching the pros will pump me up for the first (and hopefully not last) round of playoffs this weekend! 
I feel so lucky to be on such a great team right now.  The ladies I play with are really wonderful and a ton of fun!  Last week we played our final regular season match and ended on a high note winning every single line.  After a little celebrating and chatting I headed home and came across this frog, which was actually pretty decent sized.  He started hopping away from me and I chased him with my iPhone camera.  As I squatted down to snap the photo I was struck with the irony of me chasing a giant frog.  I rolled my eyes, had a good laugh and we parted ways (also ironic)....and if any of my neighbors saw me they probably think I'm crazy!

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