Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Overcoming Dry Winter Skin

Have you noticed your skin go through any changed in the last few months?  Often times, our skin becomes severely dehydrated,dry and itchy during the winter months.  About a month ago while I was visiting my wonderful Esthetician, Samantha, at Blue Tangerine Spa in East Sacramento I was having a heart to heart with her about my skin issues.  My upper back had been broken out and my face needed some help as well.  I have been trying to find affordable ways to care for my skin and I am always for natural and organic!  Samantha instantly told me that my skin was probably just extremely dry and needed to be hydrated.  Which, to me, seemed contradictory to how my upper back was feeling with the breakouts.  It seemed like I should get it dried out! 

However, Samantha suggested going to the Natural Foods Co-op and filling a container with grape seed oil then adding my own essential oils (I added rose) to give it a fragrance of my choice.  She said to rub the oil over my entire body each time after I get out of the shower.

After doing a little research I learned about the benefits of grape seed oil.  It is great for your skin, full of antioxidants and even contains anti-aging qualities.  You can also apply the grape seed oil to your face before bed for extra hydration!

The next thing Samantha suggested was doing a bentonite clay mask one a week (pictured above).  The clay is also sold at the co-op and it can be mixed with water and an essential oil to add a little fragrance (I chose peppermint).  Bentonite clay is used as a detoxification of the skin, one of your largest organs,  creating an "electrical charge" when combined with water which removed toxins, chemicals and other impurities.

As you can see, the mask does leave redness after it is removed (you can especially see it on my neck), but the redness doesn't take too long to subside.  I try to apply the mask at a time when I can moisturize my face afterwards and leave my skin otherwise clean and free of anything else (like make up).  The bentonite clay can also be used in a bath and I have even done the mask on my back!  I feel so fortunate to have a trusted expert to talk to that offers such great advice. I have noticed a big improvement since starting this regiment! Thank you Samantha!

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