Monday, March 4, 2013

Poaching Eggs: My First Time

 So, I followed through on the promise to myself to try my hand at poached eggs this past week! I actually made them a couple of times. I used the little tutorial previously posted on my blog as a guide and here the photo documentation of how things went!
 Here's the first egg boiling in the water with vinegar and pictured below are the three eggs I made in order from left to right of first, second and third.  Oddly enough, the third egg I poached was by far the worst!
 All in all the end result turned out pretty well! I'm glad I added this to my repertoire of knowledge in the kitchen and will be using it quite often!  As you can see, below I put it on some toast with avocado and the poached eggs on top.  What a great lunch!
 What's your favorite poached egg recipe?

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